Caring, sharing Co-op

Woolwich Co-Op department store
(Art Deco by Tirfor.)

Want to see what’s inside Woolwich’s old Co-op department store, a beautiful old art-deco building left to rot for about 15 years, and now awaiting the wreckers’ ball? Well, there’s the Flickr photos above, or there’s this fascinating thread on urban exploration site 28 Days Later.


  1. This building represents Woolwich. There’s a similar building in Bradford that’s still functioning as a department store over several floors, apparently by just hanging on through the gloomy times. Judging by how clean and well stocked it was, it seems to be doing okay!

    Most of the big name shops in Woolwich shut when Woolwich slumped– Sainsbury’s and M&S the exception, of course. Now we’re meant to be on the up again, and the big names that abandoned us want to come back in shiny new buildings! I might have found myself in the amusingly dissonant position of supporting Tesco, for instance, if they’d opted to do something to salvage this building… that would have been funny! If only we could persuade Debenhams to take it over, as was rumoured some years back…

  2. Thanks for that, great link. I well remember the Coop when I was a kid, used to go shopping down Woolwich each weekend with my parents, and the final treat of the trip was always Chocolate ice cream.

  3. Blimey – what a nice building and what a shame that it will be lost. Sadly we seem to be consigned to having the same shops and architecture everywhere…

  4. In my city (Brisbane) we have next to no architecturally significant buildings left. They were all replaced by featurless highrises, please don’t make the same mistake and continue to knock down buildings such as this.

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