A thought on Russell Brand

From comedian Richard Herring’s blog – probably the most sensible thing said about the whole Brand/Ross/Sachs fiasco all day:

“But what I found a little odd on looking through my mobile phone address book was that there were at least four people in there who are now dead. Obviously they were alive when I put them in my address book, I’m not sick. Well, I’m not that sick. Nor that stupid. There’s no point in having the email address or phone number of someone who is already dead. But I still have the details of four friends or acquaintances who have passed away in the last couple of years. And the issue I was presented with is what should I do with those entries?

I also realised how I don’t have the numbers of loads of comedians who I would like to ask to do gigs, and so I should probably get better at collecting them. But was surprised to find that I do have the number (or at least a former number) of Russell Brand (I met him at a gig in Bristol maybe four years ago before things just broke for him). Maybe I should give out the number to you all so you can ring him to tell him you have fucked his grandma.

No, I’m classier than that.” (more)

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  1. Saw this plastered all over one of the tabloids this morning. They’re criticising Ross and Brand, and yet a couple of their pages are devoted to a story about the grandaughter in question being a dominatrix – complete with photos. As if that’s going to distress her family less than the comments already made on the radio. Gotta love the irony…

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