The king of New York

From the Hudson River
Faced with appalling events at The Valley, I’ve fled to New York, where I’ll be for election week. Unlike Charlton, there’s likely to be a widely-acclaimed change of leadership around here,,,

It already feels both familiar and thrilling, and being here for election night is going to be interesting to say the least. Speaking of that, a mate’s involved in the 24 Hours In America project, which you might want to have a peek at. I’m a bit closer than they are, though…

Now it’s time to turn the laptop off, and see some sights… any tips much appreciated.


  1. What a stunning photo, those classes are starting to pay dividends. It’s 14 years since I was there but Grand Central station left me gobsmacked the architecture is stunning, and central park is worth a visit especially the Lennon memorial if your lucky it will still be graffiti covered (I believe they clean it periodically) which I felt added something. Enjoy

  2. Alas, that’s from my compact camera, few lessons needed for that!

    Grand Central’s on the to-dos list… the Lennon memorial was serene and graffiti-free. Forgot Yoko still lives there,

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