Old Friends Reunited

Remember the Old Friends? Greenwich’s most miserable pub, with a nasty interior, glum punters, and the infamous “ENGLAND – LOVE IT OR LEAVE” board outside? It closed in August 2007, and has been boarded up ever since. Well, an e-mail from a north London mate with a musician husband popped up earlier…

Are you familiar with a pub called the Old Friends in Greenwich? He had a gig there. It turned out to be a squat and a drugs den! It was an illegal punk gig… They somehow had electricity and water and kids serving at the bar!

No sign of life there when I passed at midnight, but I’ve seen lights on in there too. Locals with very long memories will remember the old East Greenwich Fire Station on Tunnel Avenue (now a hostel/hotel) being turned into a squat venue after it closed in the mid-1980s – it’s strange to see history repeating itself two decades on. Funny how a nasty old boozer like the Old Friends can still be a nuisance even after closure.


  1. During my running training a few months back I ran past there about 10 am one sunday morning and there was very loud music pumping out. I said to my pal at the time that it sounded like there was a rave was going on inside. I would say that was early September.

  2. nuisance even after closure? I honestly doubt that. The people living there were alot nicer and less dangerous than the nasty racist wankers they had in their most of the time before it was squatted. The squatters were good people and offered cheap rehersal space and a place to play for bands.

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