Greenwich Park Olympics – make yourself heard

I’m on the fence about the plans for Greenwich Park to be an Olympic venue – I’m proud to see the old girl selected, but very worried about some of the rumours I’ve heard about the damage it may cause and lengthy closures of all or part of the park.

Unfortunately, the lack of decent independent local media in Greenwich, and the bad joke that is London’s regional media means it’s hard to know what the truth is.

On one side, the Evening sub-Standard, forever looking for scare stories about the tiniest thing. On the other, the bullshit machine that is Greenwich Council, publishing ludicrous stories in its propaganda rag Greenwich Time assuring us that everything will be alright.

I suspect the Stunted won’t be happy unless the Olympics are a disaster, and Greenwich Council would quite happily allow all of the park to be concreted over if it meant their leader got his face on the news. Of course, I exaggerate, but neither party is bringing anything worthwhile to the debate.

It doesn’t help when the BBC’s local news service for London leads its report on a basketball arena that doesn’t even exist yet, either. (South of the river? Where is that again?)

But with a whole one day’s notice comes news that the Olympic organisers will be in the Pavillion Tea Rooms on Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday from 10am-4pm to talk to people and explain what’s happening. I’m not quite sure who they expect to attract during a working day, but that’s “consultation” for you.

Secondly, there’s a public meeting at the Indigo venue inside the Dome/O2 on the evening of Tuesday 4th December to discuss the plans for the Olympic venues in Greenwich borough. If you want to go, you need to register for tickets here.

If you can, go. Like the Greenwich Phantom says – whatever happens, they can’t be allowed to get away with damaging our park.


  1. Everyone who can go definitely should, and ask some very pointed questions indeed.
    At the “consultation” I was told that there would be no need to prune trees on the route, and shown photos from Hong Kong to illustrate this point. Jumps would be positioned so as to avoid trees with low-hanging branches, easy as that. Someone else on the same day (Friday) was told by three different people (LOCOG, Royal Parks etc) that trees would have to be pruned. They haven’t even got their story straight, so ask questions and make them say in the meeting that no “heritage” trees will be damaged in any way.
    (Pruning an old tree to the height of a rider on horseback, say 3.5 metres, will remove the oldest, largest and most central limbs, which is bound to be damaging).
    Olympics yes, any damage to the Park no. And that means ANY damage.

  2. I have just received an email this evening to say that although I had registered to attend the meeting tomorrow at the Indig02 because of the numbers applying I will not be given a ticket because residents ect get priority. I live within one mile of the park (SE3) and I’m not considered a resident? I am not happy.

  3. That’s odd – Greenwich Council was advertising tickets on its mailout to Greenwich Card holders yesterday.

    Where in SE3 do you live, Gillian? If you’re on the Lewisham side you shouldn’t be excluded from going, in my opinion, you’ll be affected as well.

  4. Can someone tell me what is being done about the ensuing traffic problems espcially for those working in or around the area , as fairly close by residents we are well aware of the existing difficulties who will explain to my son in laws boss why he will be very late to work during August or will he get paid leave from the government ? as a user of the park I cannot believe that no damage is possible and the poor visitor from abroad coming to view teh meridian line etc?

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