Notting Hill congestion charge: A solution

So, “green” Boris has canned the western bit of the congestion charge zone.

While we prepare to choke/ rev up our Chelsea tractors (delete as applicable), this comment on Dave Hill’s blog made me chuckle…

If the residents of West London want to be able to drive freely around their area and allow the rest of the same privilege well good for them. In return can the rest of us who live elsewhere have a referendum on them driving their filthy tractors in our areas for free. Let’s charge them for driving outside of their zone. Just becasue they want to be able to drive around their area it doesn’t mean I want them driving around mine. I say let them have no C-Charge in their area and let’s charge them to leave it. And leave it they do, on their way out of London to their weekend cottages.

Incidentally, guff about “manifesto commitments” aside, I wonder how much the opening of the Westfield London mega-mall just outside the zone, and the threat it poses to businesses around that way, had to do with the decision?

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  1. Ha ha ha! That’s brilliant.

    I’m not sure what difference Westfield will make. It’s just a totally different proposition to the shops around Notting Hill. I mean I go to Portobello to buy vegetables an go to bars and I go to Westfield because … well actually I’ve only been once because my wife wanted to go.

    Incidentally with regard to CO2 emissions, currently residents of the upper part of Wood Lane, who regard Sainsburys on Ladbroke Grove as their local supermarket, are forced to drive about 3 miles there and back up Scrubs Lane and along Harrow Road instead of going straight up North Pole an Barlby Roads.

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