Olympics? Greenwich Time unbiased as ever

A week to the Greenwich Olympics consultation meeting at the Dome, and the official organ of Greenwich Council is as even-handed as ever about it…
To be fair, this is next to an ad for the event saying experts will be there to “answer questions”, but the copy’s pretty unambiguous. Now, I don’t receive any other local newspaper. It’d be perfectly possibly to go around unaware there was large-scale opposition to the Greenwich Park plans along with some well-founded scepticism. But you won’t read it in Greenwich Time.

Which is a huge problem for London 2012’s organisers. The wild bias shown by Greenwich Council only creates the impression that there’s something to hide. From my conversation with a LOCOG person last week, it seems they’re pretty sincere about listening to people’s concerns about the site. I hope I’m right, and I hope they’re held to every last one of their promises. But with friends like the council – elected to represent the people, and not Sebastian Coe – they don’t need enemies.