Ban this kind of nudity on the radio

The Daily Mail continues its campaign against the BBC by lambasting Doctor Who star John Barrowman for getting his knob out… on the radio.

The BBC was engulfed in another decency row today after one of its highest profile stars exposed himself live on air.

Except, of course, only the moral arbiters of the Mail seemed to notice (one complaint recieved by the corporation on Sunday night). There was a webcam in the studio, but that was pointing away from Captain Jack’s bits at the time. But still, THE FILTH!

But with apologies to the wonderful spEak You’re bRanes, as ever, the comments on the story are the most entertaining. I mean, how did this filth slip through the Mail’s net, eh?

I used to like John Boarowman but he’s going down rapidly in my estimation – not a good role model. All right he’s gay, we all know that, but it doesn’t entitle him to to do this sort of thing.

– Jennifer, Moreton, Wirral, 1/12/2008 11:39


  1. I may complain to the BBC about the fact that I missed Captain Jack exposing himself, and is there any chance of a repeat performance..?

  2. What next?

    Graham Norton *thinking* about a willy and then one complaint comes flooding in?

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