Greenwich Imax? ‘Give up the day job’

My blogging inbox gets so little e-mail these days that I actually had to be alerted to this by a fellow blogger… I’ve been invited to a press demonstration of the funky new Imax screen at the Greenwich Odeon! On Thursday! It’s a nice thought – creates a little bit of on-the-ground-buzz, reaches the part the dead tree media can’t reach, etc, etc. And all credit to nice PR person at nice PR firm, she even used my name and everything, so she’d clearly done her research. She’d also invited Onionbagblogger, and it looks like The Greenwich Phantom got an e-mail too.

You should see some of the crap in that inbox, usually people wanting free links to their crappy football websites (my other blog is in the relegation zone), or useless PR firms trying to push a short film starring “cult British actors Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan” to push trainers (er, no) or “the new True Dedication campaign for Budweiser”. Dedication to a beer that tastes like piss, eh? So nice PR firm had wheedled its way into my heart a bit. I deal with PRs a lot in the day job – a good one is worth its weight in gold, a bad one (usually underpaid and over-desperate) is a pain in the rectum.

Ah, yes, day job. When was this demonstration? Mid-morning. Whoops. I’ll be earning a living, then. Nice PR firm, you’ve still got a lot of work to do before you get this right.


  1. Well it’s 10.:48, and I’m here commenting on blogs, so maybe you have a point, dg.

    Maybe when we sort out the scheduling issues I’ll have some other interesting things to invite you to 🙂

  2. It’s interesting bringing up the whole work/blog tension. We’re seeing a number of bloggers blurring the boundaries between their day job and their blogs…. obviously, this isn’t the case with everyone! With Greenwich having a number of nice blogs on the area, we wanted to extend the invite your way. Sorry you couldn’t make this one, but I’m sure (being the nice PR firm that we are) we can sort you out with a free ticket to make up for it.


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