Docklands Light Railway to Woolwich opens next month

Woolwich Arsenal DLR Coming SoonYou wait ages for a spoddy transport post and three come at once… the long-awaited extension of the Docklands Light Railway to Woolwich Arsenal will open on 10 January, according to TfL papers seen by transport blog London Reconnections.

Shame people who use it will be stung by it being in Zone 4, even though the equivalent stations north of the river are in Zone 3. I imagine Southeastern didn’t want to give up all that lovely money from fares they sometimes make an effort to collect at Woolwich Arsenal. I wonder if this will take some of the insane pressure off North Greenwich Jubilee line – and the 161 and 472 buses that run to it – station in the mornings? Or will people simply opt for the cheaper choice (using North Greenwich only requires a zone 2 ticket) of travelling as they do now?

“The authorities are trying to turn Woolwich into the new Greenwich. That’s not going to happen overnight but it could well happen. There is already a more cosmopolitan feel…” Already estate agents are licking their lips.

(Woolwich Arsenal Coming Soon from Bloo Phoenix’s Flickr photos.)