853’s Advent Calendar – days 19, 20 and 21

A little delayed as I’ve spent the entire weekend laid up with the lurgy…
Carnaby Street Christmas decorations
Aside from the brilliant-but-tricky-to-photograph-properly Regent Street lights – and crikey, it must be the first time since I was a child the Regent Street lights have been anything but underwhelming – Carnaby Street’s festive decorations have to be the best in London. Unless you’ve seen different.
A creepy Christmas
I can’t help being creeped out by these ads on London Underground. I’m aware it’s probably better than another avalanche of “is it me or is everything shit?”-style books, but seeing the increasingly tedious representation of middle-aged impotence recreated as some ho-ho-hoing embodiment of goodwill and bonhomie makes me want to tear it down…
The O2 roundabout from another angle
I couldn’t help slipping in another shot of the fairground ride at the Dome. It looks just… weird, there.