Quick! It’s the atheist bus!

There's probably no God...
It’s the crappiest photo I’ll ever publish here, and if I can get a better shot some day it’ll replace it, but what should I see meandering along Oxford Street tonight, but… an ad I contributed a tenner for!

Kicked off by writer Ariane Sherine last summer after she saw a bus ad promoting a Christian church which was rather selective in who it preached love to, the Atheist Bus Campaign was meant to raise £5,500 to stick some ads on a few London buses.

It tanched in October and took only a few hours to reach that level, and the amount raised currently stands at £135,000, enabling the ads – slogan: “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life” – to go nationwide.

But for now, the first ads are on the streets. Indeed, they’re on a bendy bus, too. Whatever would God-fearing Boris say, eh?


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