Sneaky trains to Charlton

It’s one of those weekends that’s happening with increasing frequency – when the transport gods cut this part of south-east London off from the rest of the capital. The Jubilee Line’s midway through a programme to upgrade its signalling so it can run faster and more frequently, so the line through North Greenwich has been closed all weekend. And the whole Greenwich mainline service has been closed all through Sunday because… well, we don’t know why, because Network Rail never tell us why. Why should we care? We only fund them with our tax, after all.

I complained about this last year (I bet you guessed I was the complaining type, eh?) when there was a whole weekend like this, with the added slap in the face of no trains through Blackheath either. I complained to Network Rail, whose sole explaination for doing this was “our primary concern is safety”. London Travelwatch is now investigating – apparently London Underground engineering work is usually planned far in advance, but Network Rail’s can be at very short notice.

But are there no trains today? Well, actually… there are. But not that Network Rail or Southeastern want to own up to it. There’s a special service running for people who want to see excitingly-monikered R&B star Chris Brown at the Dome tonight – trains running to Charlton from Charing Cross early in the evening, and back from Charlton late in the evening, to connect with a shuttle bus up to the peninusla. These trains haven’t been widely advertised (only appearing fleetingly on information screens at central London stations and not advertised at all at Charlton) – infact, neighbouring blog Charlton Average thought Southeastern had cocked things up by announcing a special bus service when the line was closed.

So, if the line can be opened for people who want to go to the O2, why can’t it be opened for everyone else? Do we count for less than the people who run the O2? We’re not as rich, so we probably do…

Now, what did you mean, “get the DLR from Woolwich“?


  1. They kept those special trains to and from Charlton on Sunday very quiet indeed, when I phoned them I asked if the only way to get to Charlton to catch those buses to the O2 was on the rail replacement service from Deptford they said yes. Not a word about there being any special trains. So at the least their call centre staff are worthy of a chocolate teapot award.

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