Save the Woolwich Co-Op petition

(Art Deco by Tirfor)
Already signed up to get your plot of land at Heathrow? How about adding your name to a campaign to save Woolwich’s majestic art deco Co-Op department store from a council-backed wreckers’ ball? Sign up for the Save The Art Deco Co-Op in Powis Street, Woolwich petition, courtesy of We Love Woolwich.


  1. I’ll add my name to the petition as its a preddy building. But unfortunately I think Woolwich is a hole. Sorry.

  2. I’ve added my name, it is a lovely building and a reminder of better times. I must agree with Stuart a real hole in the main populated by truly awful people new and old.

  3. It’s because Greenwich Council think everyone hates Woolwich that they think they can get away with knocking it down.

    Woolwich has character– not in the way estate agents use it, but proper, genuine character, despite the council’s best efforts to demolish the best of it. It’s a town that has constantly evolved, having ups and downs but always hanging on. The economic changes that led to the big downturn of Woolwich would have killed lesser towns, and since we were so late onto the recent economic boom I think we’ll see out the current slump a lot easier than other places.

    The one that springs to mind is Aldershot, quite a similar town to Woolwich in a Hampshire kind of way– it’s truly a shit hole and has been since the 1990s, and it’s the people that make a difference. We’re not awful in Woolwich. The people of Aldershot, mind…

  4. This is great. I’ve been singing the Co Op building’s praises on Plumsteadshire. I love this building. I hope you don’t mind if I mention your Co Op posting on my blog.

  5. You’d be more than welcome, Pangloss – been meaning to take a closer look at the Plumstead blogging scene, as it happens.

  6. the pictures are incredible, if it could be saved and restored, that would be brilliant for woolwich, NOT A MULTI STOREY CAR PARK, woolwich has plenty of parking.

    the new wine church and gala bingo have both done fantastic preservation work on woolwich’s other deco triumphs, (also the lubetkin house on genesta road) the new wine church is open a lot, and the gala bingo is open for play all year, or woolwich/deco fans during open house day.

  7. Does anyone can give me information about this building? I am doing a research for one of my university assignments and I really need to find out as much as possible about it. Pleaseeeeee…

  8. I really hope the save this beautiful building is saved. This is Art Deco at it’s best and it’s only when it has been lost will everyone (and the council) relise it should have been saved. I’d love to see it turn into a John Lewis store.

  9. I used to go shopping there with my grandmother, and worked in the building oppisite has a punch card operator in the early 1960’s. How sad to see this wonderful building just left. All of woolwich has changed now I dont recognize it any more. Its a terrible place to live. On the night of the riots people were walking up where I live with TV’s and bags stuffed full of god knows what. It is time for me to move out of this hell hole where I grew up and had happy memories. Yes Woolwich and Plumstead is a tiolet. It does not matter what they do or how many building they put up, it will never be my beloved Woolwich again so its time for me to move and would I ever come back I doubt that.

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