How Patrick McGoohan changed my life (perhaps)

The death of Patrick McGoohan yesterday brought back memories for me, but not of The Prisoner or Danger Man, but of a TV ad for LBC radio which aired in 20 years ago. I bet I’m not the only London child of the ’80s who feels this way…

I saw this ad before I ever saw The Prisoner, and I remember being a bit disappointed with the slow pace of the actual opening credits (having not seen them for years, I really shouldn’t have watched them before going to bed…) Being young and impressionable, and only being dimly aware of where the scenes came from, I thought the ad was pretty amazing and it probably had an indirect influence on the career path I was to take later in life.

Strange, really, how the ad’s dated twice over now, featuring the late ’60s stylings of The Prisoner and chunky late ’80s technology. LBC’s now a different company and a very different station – business pressures and changes to technology have seen to that – and I doubt you’ll ever see a commercial broadcaster ever call itself “the information station” again.

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  1. I was a big fan of The Prisoner in the ’80s, in fact I was a member of the 6 of 1 club. What a geek. I wanted to visit Portmeirion and get a cape. Still got to do it.

    Walking around college saying “I am not a number, I am a free man.” The other kids didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Happy days.

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