House prices crash as Evening Standard sold

The Evening Stunted? Sold, you say? Crikey – it’s been plain to see that the aggravatingly snooty sub-Standard, run for so long as an arm of the Daily Mail, has been dying on its arse. The paper which once decried giving Oyster cardholders a discount on the Tube now charges more if you pay for it in cash, giving you a discount if you pay via its Eros card, and gives away some 44% of its copies each day to hotels and gyms and whoever else will take the bloody thing off their hands.

So far, it doesn’t appear that the deal involves London Lite, the weird freesheet that looks like a copy of The Sun edited by prudish maiden aunt. So what happens to that? And is this a victory for Rupert Murdoch’s The London Paper, which often has verve and imagination but whose news coverage is often embarrassingly weak?

I don’t know enough about the new owner, but if the Daily Mail group is selling one of its crown jewels to a Russian oligarch, then they must be desperate to get out. But will he change the paper from its current incarnation as some daily version of Tatler? Erm…

Tatler editor Geordie Greig is being tipped as the new editor of the London Evening Standard after the paper is sold to Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev.

Greig, the editor of Condé Nast’s Tatler, has been lined up to edit the evening newspaper, or take an editor-in-chief role, but has not signed a contract, understands. (more)

As you were, then.