Obama postcript – what I missed in Brooklyn…

Catching up with Barack Obama’s inauguaration speech last night on YouTube (I saw it while working, but missed most of it by having do actually do some work), I came across this video shot in the Galapagos Arts Space, Brooklyn, which is where I spent the end of last November’s US election night.

I managed to miss the moment the networks called it for him (I was just emerging from a subway station and trying to find the venue), but someone caught it and stuck it up for all to see…

Ah…. yes. Now that explains a few things.

Incidentally, I had the good fortune to be able to see Tuesday’s events in Washington via ABC News, flicking back occasionally to the BBC or Sky. Why good fortune? ABC may have stuck patrotic images up each time a US anthem was played (a bit unnerving) but they didn’t plaster the ceremony with wall-to-wall commentary – they shut up, and let the pictures do the talking. UK broadcasters couldn’t stop jabbering.

It seems to be a habit now, BBC1 ruined its New Year moment with some arse refusing to shut up, and sports commentaries are the same. Are they so short of confidence that they feel they need to keep talking? Is it rampant egotism? Or do they think we’re thick? I suspect it’s a combination of all three…


  1. Blimey that’s racy, if I’d have been there I wouldn’t have known where to put my face.

  2. Hello!

    I started watching the inauguration on BBC, before I remembered that I have CNN. Much as CNN are hilarious in their crazy technology, I just find the Beeb so grey and uninspiring in their reporting, and their news anchors so deadly dull (Huw Edwards, ffs) – and on this occasion I wanted a bit of overreaction and hyperbole, but for them to STFU whilst Obama did the business.

    I think I am just getting old and need some thrills, like pensioners who retire to Florida :/

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