Raynsford the rebel

Not often I’ll say this, but kudos to my local MP Nick Raynsford for having the bottle to oppose the third runway at Heathrow in parliament last night. All that on his 64th birthday, too – I hope he got time to celebrate.

Mind you, from his speech in the debate beforehand, it seems he’s cautiously keen on the mayor’s much derided “Boris Island” idea for an airport in the Thames Estuary, which seems only slightly less mad, but it’s a start.

Mind you, the honorable member for Greenwich and Woolwich has a little bit of rebellion in his background – getting himself suspended from a Cambridge college for a year for climbing up the spires in an anti-Vietnam war protest. I look forward to seeing him join Plane Stupid soon…


  1. Although I’m not a fan of the Tracey Island Thames Estuary idea I’m rather glad to see Raynsford standing up and being a bit rebellious ( very easy when no longer a minister though.) He spoke rather well a couple of weeks ago on the issue too as I recall, as are some other MPs who are rightly concerned about the safety of their seats…

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