The story of my snow day

I was going to sit up and write a great long post having a go at people moaning because the worst snow in 18 years has knocked out most transport – hey, I remember the big snow in 1991 and that knocked loads of things out too, including many buses – but I’ve been up since 5am, have hauled myself to west London and back, and want my bed. So here’s some photos instead.
Charlton, 6.20am
Charlton, 6.20am
North Greenwich Tube, 6.50am
Stratford station, 7.35am
Just don’t ask how I ended up going via Stratford. And Liverpool Street.

Coming home…
North Greenwich bus station
A foot deep?
East Greenwich gas holder
Snow and the Dome
Hello mister snowman
Happy shopper
Despite what Southeastern says – is it worth going in tomorrow?
Charlton junction, 6pm
Won’t be long until I find out…


  1. Love the picture of the gasholder!
    Is it possible to email you about something without it being published? Can’t find anything on your site that lets me do that.

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