A spot of Greenwich Timing

Slightly late to this, but if you’ve enjoyed watching snowball fights, here’s Andrew Gilligan picking up a yellowing lump and lobbing it at Greenwich Time, Greenwich Council’s laughable weekly propaganda sheet newspaper. He may have some front, being a highly partisan writer for a pro-Boris propaganda sheet (see also this tale of Wikipedia larks) but the Evening Standard doesn’t come out of my tax money.

As ever, the comments are highly entertaining – and in this case informative, with Political Animal shedding some light on just why councils (not just Labour ones) chuck money at printing their own papers, and why they might not cost so much after all. Interesting.

Greenwich Time’s still a particularly ham-fisted example of the genre, though – doubt I’ll be reading about which of my local services will be axed to pay for a council tax freeze, and the letters page contains gems like this from last week’s issue: “It is incredibly refreshing to have Greenwich Time delivering news which is upbeat. Especially in these depressing times, I am really grateful for this regular reminder that there is some good happening around us. Many thanks, Will Hames, Abbey Wood.”

Alas, Mr Hames didn’t win the “star letter”, which gets the writer a prize of two free tickets to see Charlton Athletic continue their crawl to relegation. Better luck next time, eh Will? You can have mine if you want…


  1. Dear dear dear.

    How pathetically low this site has stooped.

    You highlight one letter out of Greenwich Time – yet ignore all the letters that have been published in it attacking the council or the paper.

    Yet more nonsense on your “laughable” blog.

    As for Andrew Gilligan his piece, yet again, is full of holes:

    He multiplies the costs – but not the income. MISTAKE 1.

    He claims to read GT – if he does he would notice that whilst advertising is down for the Evening Standard, it is clearly on the up for Greenwich Time. MISTAKE 2.

    I made a call to the Mercury today to get quote for public notices – something Andrew didnt do. The costs of a public notice in the Mercury were over 3 times higher – yes 3 times higher! MISTAKE 3.

    And all this column is just Andrew being hypocritical anyway.

    He takes public money as a presenter on state controlled Iranian TV station – Press TV.

    Pot calling kettle? From the man who works on what many would see as a propaganda TV station that ran articles deny the holocaust among others….

  2. PS I’m not involved with the production of Greenwich Time – but it is the only paper that actually gets pushed through my doors. The other local papers aren’t missed as they are so poor anyway – and lets be honest they all have agendas whether they are obvious or not…

  3. Dear, dear, Jim, you’re the charm merchant, aren’t you? You make the fatal mistake that this site had any stature to sink from in the first place. I don’t see you producing a blog, mind, and perhaps you should if you’re putting calls in for the mere effort of writing a reply to my post highlighting something someone else said…

    I’ve never seen an anti-council letter in Greenwich Time, nor have I seen a letter criticising it. Of course I’m going to pick out the funny and obviously-planted letter, what do you expect for heaven’s sake? I don’t get a frequent delivery, though – probably 3 weeks in every 5 (as opposed to no weeks for its rivals).

  4. Dear Daryl

    How weak your argument is.

    No I dont produce a blog. Why? Because the standard set on yours and greenwich.co.uk are so high I would find it hard to compete (rolls eyes)

    And besides – going on your rationale – I dont have to produce a blog to highlight the shortcomings of one.

    I mean you dont produce a newspaper but you see fit to attack one.

    Pot calling kettle again?

    And yet again you go to prove that Greenwich Time is the only paper that gets delivered in large parts of the borough. The others only care about advertising revenue, nt getting their product through doors, I would suggest.

    As for whether or not I believe everything in GT – I am an adult. I dont take any news reporting for fact. We all know how the media distort things. I see GT for what it is. In the same way I see the Evening Standard for what it is – doom and gloom, isnt london terrible, lets all move out…

    And if you have never seen any critical letters in Greenwich Time. I can only assume you dont read it – which is ofcourse your right, but please dont make assertions based upon your assumptions.

  5. I give up, Jim. My Charlton season ticket is in the post. Congratulations – and enjoy Saturday’s game against Cardiff!

  6. Jim left a further comment, “Getting a little over sensitive now aren’t we Daryl…”[sic], but frankly I can’t be bothered with wind-up artists like that. He’s welcome to return if he cuts out the personal nonsense. Next!

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