Thaw day in Greenwich Park

Just in case it’s all gone in the morning… another day when people brought estate agents’ boards from across London and Kent to fling themselves down hills in the park.
Greenwich Park - snowman graveyard
Observatory hill
Snowboarding 3
Down the hill 2
Down the hill 4
In the snow
The thaw 2
Vanburgh Park
Thaw on the heath
Hardy Road


  1. Great photos. I love Greenwich Park but can rarely persuade Mrs Cabbie over that way, we are a bit SW-centric I’m afraid. Thanks for the link to Cabbie’s Capital, I will try and get round to returning the favour sooner, rather than later.

  2. Beautfiful! I imagine NOGOE protestors were up in arms about the damage done to the park by people using it for sledging? Or perhaps they got their snowboards out…

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