This week’s Pravda: Snow special

Oh dear. If your organisation is caught unawares by bad circumstances – and heaven knows, it can happen to anyone – then don’t, under any circumstances, try to pretend you did a good job. Especially if you’re Greenwich Council’s propaganda week-… oh, too late….
Yes – “council does job” shocker! Not, of course, that they did it very well – to be fair, Greenwich Council doesn’t do a bad job of the roads, but does a crap job of pavements, as many a sore local arse would testify last week.
“Pavements were also gritted in key areas,” parrots the paper, “outside health centres, bus garages (since when did buses run on pavements?) and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich.”

But not steep hills, or approaches to railway stations. Especially the steep hill leading to Charlton station, allowed to become a slippery mess until nature took its course at the end of last week.

Council leader Chris Roberts told GT: “We apologise for the disruption to refuse collections, and for the fact that our gritting teams weren’t able to get to some minor roads and residential streets.”

Minor roads, eh? Good to know we feature so highly in his priorities. Sadly, none of this tosh is online so people outside the borough can’t see it and appreciate what a load of old cobblers our council tax is paying for.

Another feature in this week’s issue depicts Cllr Roberts talking about his appreciation of the borough’s small businesses – and offering them free ads in the paper. I’m no fan of the freesheets which attempt to serve the area on meagre resources, but that’s parking the tax-funded tank even further onto the lawn of the Mercury and News Shopper, which depend on those ads for survival.