Weekly rubbish from Greenwich Council

No, not the council newspaper (oh, you guys kill me) – but news that Greenwich Council is formally preparing to return to collecting rubbish it can’t recycle each week, instead of leaving it to once a fortnight. In practice, they’ve been collecting it every week (well, in theory at least) for the past few months, but according to Conservative councillor Nigel Fletcher – the Eltham North representative is the only one out of 51 Greenwich councillors to bother keeping a blog – they’ve bumbled their way into making this official…

An interesting meeting tonight at the Town Hall (a sentence you don’t often hear). In evidence to a scrutiny panel, it was revealed that the Labour Cabinet last night performed a U-turn on rubbish collection services in the Borough. The controversial system, introduced last year, saw some types of rubbish being collected weekly, whilst others would be allowed to fester for two weeks.

Now it seems the Cabinet have proposed moving back to weekly collection of all rubbish, after ‘problems’ with a ‘significant minority’ of residents over the existing system. (more)

This is probably easier than the alternative course, which is taking action against people leaving rubbish festering in the street, which is what happens here in Charlton – as painstakingly documented by my neighbour Charlton Average. Indeed, the whole rubbish and recycling system badly needs a shake-up and more closer, local management – my own street is covered in litter, as is the little parade of shops at the Charlton Road/ Victoria Way junction.

It’s not helped by the laziness of many local residents – notably the council tenants a few doors down who leave their wheelie bins out to block the pavement and rubbish strewn all over their lawn. I suspect that, on the whole, the council is terrified of taking people on over this – particularly its tenants – for fear of bad publicity, so is happy to leave the streets filthy. I’ve complained to the council, heard nothing, seen nothing done, and so this is looking like another tedious exchange of e-mails with local councillors who really shouldn’t be having to tell the people they’re responsible for to provide a basic service.

Ho-hum. Still, it’s good to see councillor Fletcher post something useful on his blog, although he too often sinks to the yah-boo-sucks nonsense which leads to Greenwich’s opposition councillors becoming dismally ineffective at holding an unimaginative, arrogant and tired administration to account. Still – one councillor out of 51 bothering to keep a blog is a poor show, especially when down the road in Lambeth, micro-blogging evangelist Onionbagblogger has launched a little widget so you can follow Lambeth councillors on Twitter. I suppose I should be grateful my local councillors know how to use e-mail, really…


  1. It’s not so much that tenants leave the wheelies in the street blocking the pavement, it’s that the garbage removal men leave them there and the tenants then doesn’t move the bin off the street, can’t say I blame them!

    I don’t think the council can do anything about it as long as their own staff don’t stop blocking up a whole streets pavements with bins every week like they do in my street.

  2. True – that doesn’t help, and my Monday morning run to the station’s like a slalom course. But that’s no excuse for people to leave bins out in the road (or abandon them elsewhere).

  3. Although, of course, the Council deny that this is any sort of u-turn and will tell you that they are just ‘responding’ to residents needs.

    I always thought that whilst in theory a good idea the system had been brought in without enough explanation and consultation, so the eventual outcome was inevitable.

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