Thieves in the Amersham Arms

I don’t know about you, but I had a splendid weekend of fun and frolics, only slightly overshadowed by getting my jacket nicked in the Amersham Arms in New Cross on Saturday night. Not quite sure why I didn’t do what I always used to do when it was an old Irish boozer with a great lock-in (screw the thing up and shove it on the windowsill) but when in Rome, it seemed worth doing what everyone else did and sticking it on the back of a chair. The tatty old thing’s gone, with, unfortunately, a couple of useful-but-replaceable things inside it; my current splurge on electrical things (there’s a post in the works about that) is going to have to stretch that bit further. Crime report filed to the Met, for what it’s worth, and while as a woolly liberal I’d clearly be against bashing the scumbag who nicked it with a cricket bat, I’d like to wish him a long, miserable life full of pain, nausea, weeping, loneliness, impotence, and embarrassing bleeding from unfortunate places. Maybe one that’d make him dream of a cricket bat in the face.

Behind the bar of the Amersham they’re very decent about the whole thing, but popping in there tonight I saw a tiny sign that I missed on Saturday about handbag thefts. Clearly, crime’s a problem in the Amersham – while I like what they’re doing there, it’d be nice if they got their act together and got some decent CCTV in; it’s only a little place and it’s easy to be lulled into a sense of security there. As for me, it’s bloody annoying, but thankfully I’m in a situation where I can get things replaced – which hasn’t been true all my life. To be honest, I’m a bit more worried about the fact that at another point in the evening, I agreed to go jive dancing at the Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley some day – what on earth made me say that?

Incidentally, strolling through the streets of SE14 tonight, I couldn’t help noticing the big changes at the once-grungy New Cross Inn – gone is the black interior, and the place has been whitewashed and you can see inside it! Shame, really, because I’d always meant to stick my head around the door of the old place, I’d only ever had one brief visit there. I know it’s under new ownership – in fact, the new owner is a pal of some pals of mine, it seems – but it seems like a drastic change. Is it for the better? We’ll have to wait and see. Mind you, considering the renovation of the once squat-like Goldsmith’s Tavern and the Amersham’s transformation from scruffy local to slightly self-conscious late night venue, it seems dramatic changes to pubs down that way are a bit of a tradition…

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  1. I don’t often get out in New Cross, but I was in the Amersham on Saturday evening myself (judging by your flickr I could well have been stalking you, as I took a wander up to the Dome earlier in the day as well), and yes, what they’ve done to the New Cross inn was.. well, a surprise. It looks like a studio space with a bar dumped in the middle. For my money it was better in it’s old form, as ‘grungy’ as it indeed was.

    We gave up early and went to the offie ‘hatch’ opposite the Venue and took some beers back to Sanford Walk. Best we could get out of a New Cross night, but I don’t know any better of the area.

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