Public service announcement: Another Olympics meeting

You’ll know what I think from what I did for the last Greenwich Olympics meeting, but if you missed that, or missed it because your council tax goes to a different borough and you couldn’t get in, then there’s a less formal public meeting about the impact of the 2012 Olympics on Greenwich Park at Mycenae House, Blackheath, on Wednesday 11 March at 8pm. It’s not hosted by the council, but by the constituency Labour party and features Councillor John Fahy, Greenwich Council’s cabinet member dealing with all this.

I don’t know how widely it’s been publicised, but it’s important all the issues regarding 2012 around here are properly and honestly thrashed out. I’m enthusiastic about 2012, but the council’s handling of it all has been contemptuous of anyone who isn’t. It’s good to see one of the people responsible is going to put his head above the parapet, at least. With feelings running high, it could be a lively evening.


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