Greenwich Council’s flytipped propaganda

I had a great night tonight at the leaving do for my old job – however, I got to find my street covered in flytipped newspapers. Not any old flytipped newspapers, but old copies of Greenwich Council’s propaganda newspaper, Greenwich Time. Considering it’s just taken me one whole month to get some abandoned wheelie bins removed from my street, I hope these copies of their useless rag weren’t pushing how good their rubbish collection is…
Flytipped Greenwich Council newspapers
Flytipped Greenwich Council newspapers
Flytipped Greenwich Council newspapers
Flytipped Greenwich Council newspapers
The papers are a few months old, so heaven knows what the council’s playing at – shouldn’t these papers already be in a recycling depot?


  1. […] Another Inclusion To GT I’ve never made it a secret of the contempt I hold for Greenwich Council’s propaganda rag Greenwich Time. Escpecially the fact the it is a Labour party mouthpiece paid for by council tax supposedly distributed to all residents, but instead regularly found dumped in car parks. […]

  2. Dear dear dear…

    So here we have a Tory activist and a Green activist in Greenwich wanting to scrap GT.

    Clearly must be a good communication tool if it has got both their cages rattled.

    To the lay person like me – with no political drum to bang – GT is a good read. Unlike the Mercury and the Shopper (which you are lucky to get delivered nowadays) GT actually sends reporters out to local events. But then maybe that is because they are the only paper to be based in the borough!

    All this talk of Labour propaganda is nonsense too.

    Anyone who actually reads the paper can see it has been overhauled. It prints more critical letters towards the council than any other paper. The front page this week is devoted to the Clipper story featuring extensive quotes from Tory Boris patting himself on the back. And they actually encourage local people to write stories/reviews for the paper.

    So lets stop this stupid talk of biased nonsense. From what I can see that only eminates from Green Party 853 or Tory Simon Emmett…

  3. If you’ve no political drum to bang, why refer to “Green Party 853 or Tory Simon Emmett”? And since when did I want to scrap GT?

    Greenwich Council’s main problem is with its communication skills – a reformed GT, which gives proper editorial space for a range of opinion, could be a great aid in that. I don’t rule out the fact that the thing could well pay its own way. But that’s no excuse for the publication’s vast one-sidedness – we’ll have to agree to disagree there. And perhaps not condemn an opposing point of view as “stupid”.

  4. I refer to you both as members of parties opposed to that of the ruling Labour council as that is what you both are – a Tory and and a Green.

    It is a fact.

    Just like the one that I made regarding the overhaul of the paper.

    The fact it prints more critical letters towards the council than any other paper is evidence of this. And the fact that Boris is quoted extensively on the main story this week shows that the covergae is not politically biased – if it was why would they print that stuff?

    GT has now become a very readable paper that also contains info on what the council is achieving locally.

    Any maybe that is why Tory and Green party members hate it so much…

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