Madrid nights

Gran Via
Last night I was starting to get angsty because travelling alone means I haven’t had a proper conversation in a week – a couple of snatched chats in Valencia, and not a peep here in Madrid, which is a bloody fabulous city. Then I got my super-snotty guide book out, had a wander down the back streets, and ended up sat in a couple of great bars, reading my book and musing on how I’ve suddenly gained a taste for rum and Coke.

It’s great here, not a Technicolor shock to the system like Barcelona, but a stately city which is great for going out in. Everyone here is heart-stoppingly beautiful which leaves me wondering how they let me in… time is already running out, though – in 12 hours I’ll be on another train, heading west. Before then, I think it’s a tour of the obvious sights…