There is no escape…

There is no escape
I thought that, by being in Lisbon, I’d escaped all that, but alas… it’s a strange city, mind – feels a bit stuck in another age, it’s a pain to get around, but the people are friendly and the scenery is terrific. It’s maybe not one to visit solo, though. Hmmm.

Oh, and one other thing…
Standard, Standard.... eh?
Why the hell would anyone want to read a day-old edition of the Evening Standard in Lisbon? “Oh look, the Tube’s in chaos again…” Probably a circulation wheeze, but a really odd sight nonetheless.

Anyhow, here’s the view from the castle – a couple of hundred metres away from where I’m typing this – taken a couple of hours back. Now, do I join the bar throngs or grab an early night?
Lisbon by night