Olympics action replay: Gilligan fluffs it for Great Britain

Catching up with stuff, number one: Remember the farcical public meeting I went to about the 2012 Olympics? You’ll recall me mentioning star reporter Andrew Gilligan was there in a fetching yellow t-shirt. The Evening Standard scribe popped his account of the meeting up on the greenwich.co.uk website, for which he keeps a weekly blog.

You may like to compare and contrast my version of events with his version of events. Yup, we can agree that the event was a farce, but… where’s the mention of the anti-Olympics campaigners being just as abusive and dismissive as the Labour party members there? And where’s the mention of the droning hack who decided to treat the event as a press conference, cutting off other people’s queries so he could ram home his own question? Yes, Mr Gilligan, that’s you. And you’re not doing your friends in NOGOE any favours by coming with this one-eyed nonsense.

I reiterate – I’ve no brief for Greenwich Council, whose handling of Olympics issues has been shoddy, undemocratic and patronising in the extreme. (Its latest wheeze is to want the park to be filled with a traffic jam while Blackheath Hill is shut for roadworks.) But their clod-hopping arrogance has been matched at every step by the opponents of Olympic events in Greenwich Park, with their refusal to listen and their presumption that their cause is backed by a majority, and anyone who somehow doesn’t back them is a bit dim.

Still, with Gilligan using his Evening Standard gig to stitch up a Brixton music academy, perhaps he’s perfectly at home in the “nah-nah-nah, we’re right, you’re wrong” extremes of the anti-Olympics protesters.