Easter train pains

Want to get out of Greenwich over Easter? Or, indeed, want to get to Greenwich over Easter weekend? The resounding message from Transport for London and Network Rail is “don’t bother! Or, if you do, why don’t you come and add to the world-famous traffic jams and pollution by jumping in your car?”

almost the entire Jubilee Line is closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday (with the exception of Saturday evening so people can get to the Star Wars thing at the O2) for work to upgrade its signalling.

– the mainline through Greenwich will be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday with buses replacing trains from Lewisham to Charlton. Network Rail isn’t saying why the line is closed. Live in Charlton, like me? Don’t look so smug, you’re only worth two trains per hour over Easter, instead of the usual eight. What’s the odds they’ll be weedy little four-coach long efforts?

– the Docklands Light Railway will be running, but the buses will still be screwed by the Blackheath Hill roadworks, and by people going by car because they can’t get a train.

I would suggest asking watchdog London Travelwatch to investigate, but, ah… oh yeah, they fobbed me off last time. Still, it’s good to have these incentives to ditch the car and use public transport, isn’t it?


  1. No surprise there.

    I was supposed to go to a family dinner on Friday, but got to Liverpool Street only to discover that all the trains out of London were cancelled due to “planned engineering works.” My only other option was to to take a 1 hour 45 minute bus ride. I went back home instead.

  2. I was invited up to Lowestoft for Easter frolics, but was also put off by the closure of the lines out of Liverpool Street. It makes you wonder just what kind of state the railways are actually in if they keep on having to have such huge closures.

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