Greenwich Park Olympics: Horse s**t keeps flying

I missed this earlier in the week, despite being alerted to it by the majestic Greenwich PhantomBBC London News reckons peace has broken out in the battle over Greenwich Park!

Cobblers, has it – what it looks like is that Friends of Greenwich Park, which at worst was neutral about the games, has started working with 2012 organisers LOCOG. I really hope BBC London’s Olympics reporter Adrian Warner put some calls in to the people who are absolutely determined to stop the Olympic equestrian events in the park, NOGOE, – because I’m astounded at just how one-sided the report was. However, on Twitter, LOCOG seemed happy to trumpet it as a PR triumph.

London2012team: Excellent news clip about progress with Greenwich Park:

As I’ve said before, I’m in favour of the equestrian events coming to the park, but think the arguments against need a bloody good airing, if only so they can be debunked. Instead, what BBC London came out with was a one-sided puff piece which isn’t going to help anyone, because I can’t see NOGOE going away. No matter how spiteful and rude many of their adherents seem to be, they still represent a fair chunk of opinion around here. Indeed, the Save Greenwich Park blog which seems to have links to it has recently been dusted down and brought back to life, including a bizarre attack on an amenity society which doesn’t support its views.

However, the brown stuff keeps flying, and NOGOE supporters’ habit of flinging misinformation into the air continues – I wonder if that was why Adrian Warner didn’t feature them in his report? Let’s go back to The Greenwich Phantom’s original entry, and dive into the comments section:

Anonymous said… I heard a rumour that Greenwich park will be closed for year to prepare for the event… Is this true? A year must mean they are doing substantial work…
Does anyone know? – 08 April 2009, 11:08

Capability Bowes said… Indeed, Anonymous, the Park will be closed for about 9 months to absolutely everyone. 08 April 2009 11:50

This is flat-out nonsense – while the lower level at the foot of the hill will be closed for an extended period for stadium construction, the whole park will only be closed for eight weeks at most, and that comes from… NOGOE’s website!. Another commenter on the Greenwich Phantom challenged Mr Bowes on this – but he didn’t respond.

So the battle for Greenwich Park continues amid blatant misinformation and a lack of real scrutiny. Can someone wake me up when it’s all over?

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