Playing away

Crikey. No, I’m not happy with the result – but what a stonking match at Stamford Bridge. But my thoughts tonight are with the chap who arrived in Blackheath’s Zero Degrees with his girlfriend and plonked himself opposite us, with his back to a muted TV screen I don’t think he was expecting to find. Turned out he’d specifically chosen to avoid the match for the sake of his football-loathing girlfriend. With the match all square, but with Liverpool losing 5-3 on aggregate as they came in, under other circumstances he may have chosen the right moment to get through a socially-awkward 20 minutes or so.

Unfortunately for him… one Chelsea goal, then two Liverpool goals and then the threat of a Scouse equaliser (and victory under the away goals rule) for almost the rest of the match guaranteed him a sore neck, and him getting it in the neck from his very pissed-off partner. I hope they’ve made it up now.