Tony Blackburn on AudioBoo

Discovered this by accident this morning – radio legend Tony Blackburn has started using AudioBoo to keep people up to date with what he’s doing…


Filming something about Northern Soul in the 100 Club sounds like my idea of a good day – wouldn’t you want to tell someone about it? I’m slowly getting my head around the possibilities of AudioBoo, I only heard of it less than two months ago when I was out in Valencia and a fervent boo-er suggested it could be an interesting thing to use out there. In retrospect, I wish I had done – now I know where the spot in the city where free wi-fi is available… but since then I’ve done bits here and there, hyper-conscious that I either sound like an idiot or look like someone trying to re-create the X Files.

The possibilities are intriguing, community website London SE1 is leading the way while BBC London 94.9 is doing the very BBC thing of using it to tell you about itself (something you could scan-read in seconds) rather than using it as a new way to deliver news and information. But it’s early days, and I’m sure they’re aware of the possibilities it could have to revolutionise the way radio stations interact with their audiences – no more inane text messages, get the listeners to record something instead. Are you listening, Chris Moyles? Oh… I think he is.