Greenwich ghost bike remembers fallen cyclist

Greenwich ghost bike
Greenwich ghost bike
A ghost bike has been placed at the Woolwich Road flyover in Greenwich to remember the victim of Friday night’s accident. Police have not established the identity of the woman who died, and are still searching for the driver of the lorry which collided with her. The lorry is said to have had blue sheeting on the side. Anyone with information is asked to call Catford traffic garage on 020 8285 1574.

In 2007, a ghost bike was erected in Greenwich Park by Greenwich Cyclists to remember a man killed by a 21-year-old driver who escaped charges.

Thanks to commenter Volcane for letting me know about the bike.

(Update: Tuesday’s Evening Standard identified the cyclist as 31-year-old Adrianna Skrzypiec, from Rotherhithe. A supervisor for fashion website Net-A-Porter, she moved to London from Szczecin, northern Poland six years ago, and was planning to buy a house and start a family with her boyfriend.)


  1. spoczywaj w pokoju ADUSIA, na zawsze w pamieci naszej zostaniesz

  2. I was shocked to hear of the death of this young cyclist, i don’t live to far away and see the ghost bike daily,i’ve been racking my brains how know one saw anything!!!

    I am a driver and a cyclist in the area and nearly met my death on this road a mile back at Charlton 9 years ago by a driver jumping the give way sign i still wonder how i survived..this road is highly dangerous and drivers drive like crazy at times doing 60mph plus.

    The junction where it happened is rediculous as well people jump lights all of the time!

    How exactly did it happen and the driver didn’t know?!?!
    Was she on the corner and got dragged under or was it a front smash??
    Has anyone thought about checking the cameras on the woolwich ferry before this happened to see for lorries heading in that direction?
    Who knows how it happened there seems to be no information to even trigger any thoughts, this should not be forgotten about..nothing has changed under there!

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