Attention Woolwich! Attention drones!

Attention Woolwich! Attention drones!
Woolwich! Watch the new big screen! Forget your town centre is a tip! Watch the screen! Watch! WATCH IT!

(Reckon they’ll have the balls to do Greenwich Time TV on there? Or they’ll parrot out recycling statistics or something else to proclaim that we are living in a golden age? Actually, it’s probably something to do with the Olympics as Waltham Forest, has got one in Walthamstow, another once-proud town centre in decline. But hey, if you’re living in a mess, the first thing you do first is get yourself a huge flash telly, isn’t it?)


  1. OMG – I am SO 20th Century. I heard they were putting up a screen. I thought they meant a big white blank screen for hosting outdoor movies for the good burghers of Woolwich. Is that charmingly old-fashioned or just sad?

  2. It’s been there quite a few weeks now and it’s doing okay. I kinda like it, in that I think a big screen is a great idea. Honest. But it’s in the wrong place. There’s a big screen in Bradford, a town I’m very taken with, but it’s part of a development of bars and touristy stuff in a big open pedestrian space and seems to fit nicely there.

  3. Big screens work better in big cities – the one in Manchester is very good because it’s in a place where things happen and where people naturally gravitate to.

    Most people’s instincts in Woolwich are usually something along the line of “let’s get the hell out of here” and not to hang around, unless they’re drinking the local delicacy of White Lightning.

  4. I saw them putting this up weeks ago and assumed it was something to do with the Marathon. I cannot believe that they wasted time and money putting something like that in Woolwich… and I have to agree with Adam – not time at all before it is vandalised!

  5. It’s still there, in one piece, tagless.

    If it lasts another fortnight, drinks in the Great Harry on you doubters? 🙂

  6. So that’s what council tax goes on? Joy of joys…
    I can just see myself having to touch my toes in front of it 10 years from now…

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