Charlton Conservatives hit success by phoning council


It’s a cheap shot, I’m sorry, but it’s good to see that “Chartlon” Conservative “action team” has sprung into action by… calling the council!

In my previous article about graffiti in Charlton I wrote about some incidences of vandalism in Lansdowne Road [sic]. Since writing, the Charlton Action Team, who alerted Cleansweep to the problem, managed to have the following piece of graffiti removed.

So, in fact… isn’t that a tick in the box for the Labour-controlled authority, which cleaned the stuff off, and not the Conservative “action team”? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they e-mailed the council rather than telephoned (unlikely, as Greenwich Council’s Cleansweep service takes ages to acknowledge its e-mails and doesn’t get back to you when the job’s done.) But in any case, I’m delighted the Conservative “action team” has leapt into action by, um, calling the council. Just like I’ve been doing, and just like nearby bin blog king Charlton Average have been doing for months, with mixed success. It’s easy to get a bit of graffiti cleaned – but it’s harder to change a culture of “we know best” at a council which happily leaves my street looking like a tip every Monday, can’t be arsed to clean the streets properly and tries its best to avoid listening to anything its residents have to say. Indeed, if the “action team” wanted to do some good, they’d give out Cleansweep’s number and maybe tell us about the service they got.

I know that good can only come out of the small things, but if the “action team” are serious in their desire to do something to help clean up Charlton – and to play a proper part in the serious debate we need to have about this stubborn and complacent local council – they’ll have to do a lot better than that.


  1. On the one occasion I’ve had to call Cleansweep about graffiti, someone came out the next day (a sunday) and removed it, which I thought was pretty impressive. The Conservatives may be better focusing their efforts elsewhere…

  2. A similar letter dropped through my letter box. It seems that after talking to residents in my street ( just so its clear where I stand , I told them to bugger off when they rang my door bell) ..

    “your local conservatives have contacted Cleansweep to advise them that the street require cleaning”

    Not exactly hard hitting campaigning…the’ve already fallen into polite local government. Blogger Charlton Average pusues the cleaner streets agenda with much more panache, energy and a willingness to challenge what he finds unacceptable.

  3. That’s what I don’t quite get – why would you have any more influence over street cleaning and whatever just because you’re a member of a political party? Even the elected ones – who, as members of the governing party, you’d expect to be able to get things done – go nuts about it. The council’s issues run very, very deep, and need someone to take a proper look at a lot of flawed prcoesses.

    Even if Daniel Craig got in touch with Greenwich Council I don’t think the end result could be described as “panache”, but watching the Conservatives try to co-opt Charlton Average is amusing. Letting someone else get angry on your behalf is always an easy option.

  4. The fact that Myself, James and Richard are a member of the “Conservative Action Team” should not make any difference to the effect that it has over cleansweep. Instead, it is more of an effort to improve the local area which as you have stated often has litter on it. You could of course ring them, that is why they Cleansweep are there. Distributing these letters then helps people by allowing them to know that they cleansweep are the ones responsible for the streets, something many people might not be aware of. The key in my opinion is to improve Charlton, through any method which we can utilise, but also making the people aware of what they can do.

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