My sun’s hotter than your sun (maybe)

Just as it was getting exciting as well… apologies for the radio silence (as if you’re hanging on every word from this blog), but I’ve been in Barcelona for a few days, getting sunburnt and listening to bands, and stopping off in Paris and Montpellier on the way. I had planned to post from Barcelona, but wasn’t going to pay the stupid sums demanded by Telefonica for wi-fi in my otherwise ace hotel.

I’m in Montpellier right now, which is a gorgeous but also young and vibrant city – and endowed with generous free wi-fi. If you’ve any sense, you should jump on a train some day and take the one you love here. Or just take yourself. The wi-fi will stop you from getting bored.

I’m up early to return to London tomorrow, but a thought to leave on – just been chatting with the guy behind the bar in a surprisingly-not-naff “British pub”; his wife got a job here and they both upped sticks and left Edinburgh to come to the south of France. Seven months on, he’s picked up the language and he’s enjoying a new life.

With the collapse of the pound, he’s effectively getting paid eight pounds an hour in a city where the cost of living’s roughly the same as in the UK. As an attractive local woman came in and planted kisses on both his cheeks, he flashed me a look which suggests he’s quite happy with his lot. Just a thought…