Greenwich Time: “Everything doubleplusgood”

Being away on holiday, I missed this – but with my upstairs neighbour also out of town, I had two copies of this to come home to yesterday! Can you imagine the anticipation as Greenwich Council’s propaganda paper stared up at me, with this enticing front page?
I almost felt the urge to salute. Well, I did, but not in the way that council leader Chris Roberts would probably like. Seriously, though – what the hell? Who do they think they are? Of course, while this gleaming future was being proclaimed, I’d had to drag my bags home through litter-strewn streets that hadn’t been cleaned since I left 7 days before*. If Chris Roberts’ council doesn’t know how to work a broom, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for them being able to spell “legacy”, never mind being able to leave one.

I do feel sorry for the poor saps who had to write that, though. Can you imagine the heart sinking when they realise they have to put his mug on the cover and not some cheery young sportswoman or person from a council-friendly residents’ group? But then again, if Greenwich Time was a proper “newspaper”, as it says on the masthead, perhaps it’d allow other councillors to have a right of reply, or maybe those who fear the impact of the Olympics instead of welcoming it, or those who worry about the Greenwich Market redevelopment, or the council’s lack of action in protecting Thamesmead residents from London City Airport flights, or its keenness to bulldoze the art deco Co-Op in Woolwich, or the possible move of John Roan school, or the parents upset by its closure of a Deptford primary school (that’s one campaign you won’t see in GT, although you’ll find it here.)

Or it’d tell us why there won’t be any council meetings for three months, or why they tried to make it harder for people to object to planning applications, despite the rash of bad building projects in the borough. Or why they think it’s okay for one of their councillors to bugger off to Australia.

Ho-hum. Incidentally, can they really get away with that so close to an election?

(* – UPDATE : Seven hours after this entry was published, my street got its first sweep in about a month.)


  1. As a former BBC employee your love of impartial news reporting is very ironic…..

  2. And as, presumably, a Greenwich Labour party member…. your point is?

    Still, good to see 853 get its first hit-and-run comment from a Greenwich Labour supporter using a one-off name – best get used to this.

  3. […] What happens at the mayoral inauguration? Well, as you’d guess from the name, it’s where the new mayor opens up their year’s duties. But it doesn’t have to be held in a lavish ceremony at an external venue – a mayor can simply be confirmed in office at a council meeting. But Greenwich uses its mayoral inauguration to wine and dine the great and the good – and for council leader Chris Roberts to deliver a big speech. Last year’s was so big, it even made the front of Greenwich Time… […]

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