You’ve got a vote – please don’t waste it

Vote Green
Travelling around France and Spain in the past week reminded me how big today’s European election is – in fact, it’s the biggest such election in the world. And because it’s under proportional representation, every vote counts. If you’ve got a vote, don’t waste it – use it.

I shall be putting my X here, which won’t surprise you, but it’s because I genuinely believe the Greens have a great record in Europe of fighting for people’s rights, fighting to reform the damn thing, make terrific campaigners locally, and because no other party has the guts to take on the issues surrounding what’s happening to our planet – which, sooner or later, is going to involve delivering some harsh truths to the big businesses this country has worshipped for 30 years, and helping the rest of us make the necessary changes, instead of getting in our way.

True story. I’ve a mate in a grim suburban town. She campaigns against a certain racist party. For that, she’s had her house pelted with missiles, and has supporters waiting for her when she picks her son up from school. Now, the media loves to mention the possibility of this certain racist party, because for them, it’s a better story for them than mentioning parties which don’t harrass fellow British citizens because of their moral views or their skin colour.

But away from the cosy newsrooms in media land, this is what that racist party stand for. Harrassment. Bullying. Intimidation. Hanging around council estates trying to scare people who speak out against them. And yes, there is a chance this lot could get a seat in Europe, which would give them lavish funding – from us – to pay for their campaigns of hassassment and bullying. They won’t fight for you. They’re cowards who’d run away and pick on an easier target instead.

Hold on – why the lecture? Because every vote counts – for Britain, this is an amazingly fair election conducted under traditionally-low turnouts. If you don’t bother to vote today, you’re tacitly endorsing the BNP. A vote for any other party will reduce their chances of success, and help send them back under their stone. So please, get to it.

If you knew someone was being bullied, you’d want to help them. This time, you’ve got the chance. Please don’t waste it.


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