Never forget, never forgive, never again

FC St Pauli anti-Nazi memorial
Outside FC St Pauli’s ground, Hamburg, 8 June 2009.

Reeperbahn memorials
Outside a porn cinema on the Reeperbahn, Hamburg, 8 June 2009.

Gestapo cells, Cologne
The prison cells in the Gestapo’s old HQ, the EL-DE building, in Cologne, 9 June 2009.

Roma memorial, Cologne
Outside the EL-DE building, Cologne, 9 June 2009.

I’m away again – spent the weekend in Hamburg, and an hour or so peering at disbelief at the European election results from the north-west and Yorkshire. So much for the famous northern hospitality, eh? I moved on to Cologne yesterday, and I’ve seen enough in both cities to remind me of what happens when a established politicians fail to challenge evil, and when others merely tolerate it. Then again, those who entered polling stations – or were too lazy to – are supposed to be educated people, so they should take some responsibility for their own actions too.

If you’re one of those who voted for hate last week, or decided that because none of the candidates perfectly suited you – it’s an election of human beings, not shopping for shoes, for heaven’s sake – you weren’t going to vote, perhaps you should come over here some day, and see where that kind of cynical caper leads you.

It’s been fun in Germany, though – a merry weekend of bands and boozing with a mate in Hamburg, and Cologne’s a fascinating and laid-back city.

Back to London tomorrow, though – and the fun and games of a Tube strike. More precisely, the fun and games of getting to Wembley Stadium for England v Andorra during a Tube strike (I suspect getting back will be easy) and having to leave my bags at a pal’s work in Camden. Oh, it’s going to be great to be back…