I don’t like Mondays

Victoria Way, Charlton, 10.25am, Monday 15 June 2009
Victoria Way, Charlton, 10.25am, Monday 15 June 2009
I hate Mondays now I’m not elsewhere – the streets are a mess while Greenwich Council takes forever to collect the bins, carefully leaving them in such as a way as to block the pavement. Relatively narrow pavements like Charlton Church Lane are completely blocked, while wider paths like those in my own street become a slalom course. And it stays that way, all bloody day, until homeowners return from work, or – in the case of one of the houses in the streets above – for several days, until the homeowners can be bothered to move the bins. (Not that complaining to Greenwich Council does any good, of course; they are too slow to react, too disorganised to communicate properly with residents, and too timid to do anything about it).

And so the Monday mess goes on, disfiguring the streets and making the place look miserable. It’d help if the council told its bin teams to put the bloody bins back where they found them – but it’s just too much like hard work for Greenwich Council, an authority which desperately needs a change of culture and a change of leadership, some decent IT equipment to help its staff and perhaps something to motivate them into doing a good job instead of the bare minimum. Instead, it’s too busy printing propaganda newspapers and sucking up to Olympic organisers to see that its most basic service is falling apart.

Still, it does tell us that leaving wheelie bins out to block the pavement is illegal. If so, can we report the council to the police?


  1. I don’t know what’s more worrying, the wheelie slalom course or you getting up early enough to see it! 🙂

  2. Heh. The photos were taken at 10.30am; our collections here aren’t as early as they used to be, ever since I started getting up later, they’ve moved the slalom to later 🙂

  3. see the local authority was accomodating your revised schedule! still, up at 10.30 is impressive, I thought you were meant to be living the dream. Where I am if you don’t bring in the bin it gets stolen, particularly if it’s clean. Maybe you could try that approach with your neighbours?

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