A little bit of housekeeping

Hello kind reader! Just a quick note to say thank you for your support in making 853 the best weblog written by a slightly grouchy resident of Charlton, south-east London. (Well, maybe the second-best, anyway). It’s all barking at the moon without your considered responses.

Speaking of responses, I’ve introduced a comments policy, mainly because I’ve had to flex the moderation tools a little bit in the past week or so. Essentially, it’s don’t be rude, be nice, and don’t spam.

I’m also taking action to deal with a couple of sockpuppets – those who create multiple online identities. I don’t want to have to make all commenters register, so please, create one username, and stick with it – WordPress will reward you after a while by letting you skip the moderation process, and all will be happy. Don’t like it? Start your own blog, then.

I should point out that neither of the sockpuppets is a well-known Greenwich-based journalist who’s been accused of it – but one is somebody who’s used multiple names to personally attack that person. Yup, struck me as odd, too. Like I said – please, create one name, and stick with it. Thank you.


  1. WordPress logs the unique IP number of every internet connection used, as well as the ISP. The use of language, and certain spelling errors, is a giveaway, despite the multiple names and “joke” e-mail addresses. I think the other one is well-intentioned, but I can’t be having two separate names for what I know is the same person.

    As I’m sure you know as well, blogs can attract spiteful pedants like moths to a flame 🙂

  2. Not him. He post/ed under different names here (as Exit, Pursued by A Bear) and on the Phantom’s site (Capability Bowes), though. And never did answer why he tried to tell a GP reader Greenwich Park would be closed for “9 months to absolutely everyone” during 2012:


    He also has it in for the venerable Diamond Geezer, accusing him of whingeing as Capability Bowes here and as Exit, Pursued by a Bear, has a strop here. Nice bloke.

  3. I might go and find some typographical errors on that bloke’s blog. Just to see how these guys get their rocks off. You never know, I might like it.

  4. I once drew an analogy between a blog and a pub.

    Everybody is welcome until they behave in a way that gets them ejected. It might be a ‘public house’ but I’m the landlady and my say is final.

    It’s in my interests to have a large happy bunch of customers, so I’m not going to bar someone for being fally-down drunk, although I might strongly suggest they go home and sleep it off, and come back tomorrow sober.

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