Charlton Lido closed this summer, but…

The Greenwich Phantom has done some digging on what’s happening to Charlton Lido this summer. It’s closed – but what about its future?

It’s hard to find out information about the chequered fortunes of the 1939 lido – the council [web] page is broken – but, happily, wrong that the place is dead. It took a bit of snaffling out, but a lease has been signed between the council and a private company, Open Waters (who don’t seem to have a website, which seems a bit odd in this day and age.)

Apparently there will be a four-storey dive centre with a 22m-deep, 25m-dive pool, a gym, treatment rooms, exercise studios and a crèche. The lido will be refurbished and will retain all its current facilities”.

The Phantom continues: “I understand from someone who doesn’t want to be named that the lease has been signed, an understanding has been reached and that they will be on site soon. Because it will be a bit late in the season, they’ve decided not to open it this year.”

So there you go. There could be a bright future ahead – it’s just a shame Greenwich Council doesn’t feel the need to keep us up to date with it. You know, us, who pay council tax to it? And also a shame that they’ve not been organised enough to open it this summer – particularly if the heatwave returns… good on the Phantom for doing the digging, though.


  1. Well that is good but sad. I still have to travel all the way to London Fields for a swim in the fresh air. Ridiculous. Don’t tell me about the new pool at Eltham or any other. Swimming without the sky above gives me serious withdrawal symptoms.

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