Charlton Conservatives try to bend time

Good to get another leaflet through tonight from the local Conservatives – they’re rightly up in arms about Greenwich Council’s barely competent handling of Charlton Lido, which remains closed this summer despite the fact that a deal to redevelop it hasn’t yet been finalised.

Indeed, they’ve got a petition to get up to present at a council meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday) to get the Labour-run authority to shift itself and unlock the gates “immediately”. Nice idea. Except – for a petition delievered at some point between 7pm and 10pm on Tuesday 28 July, it contained a slight flaw.


A little too late for anyone to pop the petition in an envelope, find a stamp, pop it in a post box and let the Royal Mail deliver it to their HQ in Eltham. Still, it’s nice to know they believe they can bend time – you’ve got to aim high in life, after all…


  1. You could give us a break once in a while. I dont see yourself or the Greens in their infinite wisdom doing anything about this. We managed to leaflet, or in fact knock on the door of most of the affected residents in the past week or so. You have to understand young man that there are a limited amount of us and a large amount of residents.
    You nearly bumped into us again tonight. Seemed in quite a hurry. We are aiming to represent the issues which affect the local residents, and at least we are out there doing something.

  2. “You have to understand young man that there are a limited amount of us and a large amount of residents.”

    Hey Louis, next time you comment do you reckon you could make it a little more patronising?

  3. I dont think I could mean that in a patronising way, considering I am sure I am younger than 853, being 18.
    The point I am trying to make is, it is very easy sitting on a chair and constantly criticising, anyone can do that, I would not mind being criticised by someone who actually did something to try and solve the problems of Greenwich rather than someone who just made people aware of them. Or simply offering us a backhanded compliment for picking up the local problem but not being able to leaflet all of Charlton in such a short period.

    I did not mean to patronise I just wanted to make it clear that it is not easy to leaflet the whole of Charlton when there is not a council department working for you.

  4. Focusing on the way I put my argument forward rather than the argument itself… I see. That seems like a desperate tactic to me.

  5. ‘Desperate tactic’ rather implies a level of severity to the situation well beyond that it deserves…

    The old ‘at least I’m doing something not just sitting around moaning’ argument has some merit, but is somewhat undermined by the fact that you’ve basically ballsed the thing you’re doing right up, which doesn’t reflect particularly well on the competence of your organisation.

  6. You see this is the kind of thing that annoys me. Myself and the Greenwich Conservatives have been out most nights since this stroy broke, firstly trying to get people’s signatures onto a petition. Because there are a limited amount of people trying to get the signatures of a large amount of residents we have ad to resort to leafletting some areas. Regrettably some of us have other commitments such as jobs which mean that we can not dedicate every waking hour to this cause.
    As I have previously said, it is not the easiest thing in the world to leaflet the whole of Charlton.
    Furthermore, you say we have “ballsed it up.” We have actually got a very large amount of signatures, in future we will make sure that 853 is the first person to receive any leaflet or petition request.
    As I have said, we have done something, I would say we have done a lot, and we will see the outcome of this council meeting to see exactly how much we, as the mouthpiece of the residents have managed to do. We are effectively helping to represent the peoples views and opinions. A lot more than sitting by a computer and whining that although we are doing something, it cant be perfect in this case.
    If you care about the Lido issue or similar issues, you are more than welcome to help us collect signatures.

  7. I can’t imagine any circumstances – whatever the age differential, either way – when it wouldn’t be patronising to address someone as “young man”. The more he says, the deeper he digs.

    “Pavement politics” works in some places for some parties, but the Conservatives’ efforts in Charlton are backfiring in a big way. The attitudes this representative manifests illustrate why.

  8. Yes and I cant think of any circumstances when it isn’t frustrating to hear someone who as far as I can see does nothing in the local area try to bring down those that actually try and do something positive to help people. We found this issue. We did something about it. The residents signed our petition. We are presenting tha tpetition at a council meeting. Now, if you disapprove of me personally let that be your issue with me, but the Conservatives in Greenwich are doing something. We are doing our best to actually represent the views of the local residents. If you want to discuss something why dont you actually respond to my argument rather than the presentation of it.

    Furthermore I am regularly called young man, and I don’t find it at all patronising. It’s all about interpretations, and some people love to be offended, some people even love to be offended on other people’s behalf as we have seen here.

    And as for the ridiculous statement “Conservative efforts in Charlton are backfiring in a big way” I would like to see how you know this. I would be even more interested to know who you represent. How are our efforts backfiring? From what I have seen we are gaining support from people who are looking to people who will help to represent their views at a council rather than alternatives who in a lot of cases… Don’t

  9. I think your repeated assertion that anyone writing – or contrbuting to – local blogs is a bit presumptuous, and just furthers the perception that you’re patronising locals from a perceived moral high ground.

    As an aspiring politician you’re going to need the best communication skills you can develop – take this thread as a bit of feedback on how your current style is perceived by the punters you’re hoping to influence.

  10. With all due respect, I want to do a lot of good for the community, voting is a distant second for me.
    Furthermore, one of the key things to politics is that you will never be able to influence some people because they are so set in their ways that they are not ever willing to change their political allegiances (my parents are both life long labour voters and I would never have any hope there).
    And Neil, I find that quite patronising actually “take this thread as a bit of feedback on how your current style is perceived by the punters you’re hoping to influence.”
    I think I am doing fine thank you. I have managed to help a lot of people in the community and am driven by a sense of what is morally right, which is why I get so irritated when people like 853 constantly have a go at us.

  11. Louis – my first thought when I saw the leaflet on my doormat was “oh, fair play to them”. My second reaction was upon reading the petition deadline, and it was to chortle. I thought I’d write a post to share the joke.

    To be honest, at least you’re getting a direct message out there, which is more than the other parties are doing. Even though it’s quite badly undermimed by the petition deadline – but hey, best laid plans and that…

    And I bet you’re actually quite pleased someone noticed. Because in your shoes, I would be. So, please, lighten up, for heaven’s sake.

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