Filthy Floyd Road

Sadly, neighbouring blogger Charlton Average doesn’t seem to be around to fill us in on his quest to make sure his street – Floyd Road, the one which leads down to The Valley – gets cleaned properly. I walked down there on Monday afternoon – it being Monday, it was wheelie bin slalom day – and found just what Greenwich Council had done in response to his many public complaints.

Sweet bugger all. This was the scene at about 2.20pm.


Who’d want to live in a street like that, eh? Clearly, if you do live in Floyd Road, you’ve the misfortune to live among some of the filthiest, most selfish individuals on the planet. But it amazed me that after Charlton Average’s long campaign, Greenwich Council is still incapable of collecting rubbish in a way which doesn’t leave the street in a mess, and is incapable of doing anything about those who are littering the street.

If I was one of the three councillors for Charlton ward, I’d feel a sense of shame – it’s their party that’s in charge, it can’t even keep the streets clean. And I wondered why Charlton Average had such contempt for them – I’d be driven nuts by having to wade through that crap.

It’s been a curious few days to watch the council work. One of the streets covered in triffid-like weeds, flytippers’ favourite Highcombe, had some lads out last week getting rid of the weeds. But then they drove off… leaving the pulled-up weeds strewn all over the pavement. Eventually, last week’s heavy rain washed most of it away, but it’s shows just how half-arsed the council’s “neighbourhood services” department is. The weed clearance also seems a bit hit and miss – while Highcombe got done, nearby Mayhill Road looks positively jungle-like. Maybe they’re simply waiting for a complaint, instead of taking a proactive stance.

I was out and about over the weekend and was talking to a woman who lived in east Greenwich (Fearon Road, should anyone from the council be reading this) who complained last week about an overflowing litter bin. Someone from the council arrived on Friday, bagged the rubbish up… and left it there. All weekend. I’ve seen it happen before in my street and complained angrily about it – but it seems they’re still at it where they can get away with it. Who’s in charge of these people? Why are they still in jobs?

Curiously, the council may be blundering to some kind of fix – community site carried a story about it “creating 250 local jobs”, which oddly doesn’t even appear on the council’s own website has already been archived on the council’s own website. The story was the usual guff about helping to beat the recession, but the real significance was further down – the jobs, paid for by a government grant, are for “for street cleaners, environmental workers, enforcement officers and neighbourhood wardens”. Maybe they’ve finally acknowledged there’s a problem? Who knows? But with elections due in May, and local people noticing how filthy its streets are, it wouldn’t be surprising if they applied for a little extra help to clean up, would it?


  1. Good grief! If that was my road I think I would be putting all the rubbish in the back of my car and dumping it on the steps of the town hall!

  2. What is it with sofas being dumped in the street. There was one near the bus stop on Littleheath for the best part of a week – gone now, but completely ruined the grass.

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