Run to the Beat gets council backing

Greenwich Council backed September’s planned Run to the Beat half-marathon through Greenwich, Charlton, Woolwich and Blackheath, at a licensing meeting last week, I’m told, although there’s still no official word on the council’s website.

The council claims 8,000 people were sent letters consulting them about plans to have music stages thoroughout the route of the race, which has been altered after last year’s rain and delay-hit event. Three stands in the most densely-populated areas of the route weren’t given licences, but it looks like residents of the east side of Blackheath (Vanburgh Park) are due to have an east-facing set of speakers blasting music in their direction for two hours on 27 September. The licence is only temporary, so if organisers want to have a race in 2010, they’ll have to apply again.

The Evening Standard, which last month backed Richard Branson’s call for the London Marathon to be diverted from this area because it wasn’t glamorous enough, is an “official media partner” to the event.


  1. I wonder if the application had been refused whether all the competitors who had paid the £30 entrance would fee been refunded?

  2. Oh no, not again. I’m not a killjoy – I love the London Marathon and have no complaints about the annual disruption when the roads are closed… indeed I take arms against Mr Branson and his proposals to re-route it.

    This one though, poorly appreciated (at least it was on Littleheath) and even though there was no music near us I could still hear it last year with my windows open… just what you don’t want on a peaceful Sunday morning.

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