Greenwich Council’s Twitter teething problems

Oh dear, oh dear… less than a day after suddenly popping up on Twitter, Greenwich Council decides to change its username…


So, the clutch of locals that’d already signed up now have to switch over to @greenwichcouncl (without an “i).


Hopefully they’ll, er, stick with that and, like I said before, use Twitter to listen to people as well as tell them stuff. They’ve started following locals, so the signs – so far – are looking promising.


  1. They could have just contacted Twitter and got the username changed so they could retain their existing followers.

    Quite an easy process.

    Oh well, too late now.

  2. You don’t even have to contact Twitter; you can change your username yourself from within the program.

    Maybe not a big deal, but it does show a shocking lack of awareness of a system and that it might be best to ask one of GC’s employees’ teens to come in and set it up for them. Social media: learn to use it!

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