Charlton Church Lane closed 21-24 August

Presumably this is part of Thames Water’s grand plan to bring the area to a grinding halt update the water mains, but I’ve just discovered by accident that Charlton Church Lane will be closed northbound between Friday and next Monday. If you’re taking the bus, the 380 will run via Charlton Road and the 486 will undertake a tortuous diversion via Westcombe Hill. I’ve been away for a few days, but haven’t seen any publicity around over the weekend. I wonder if either Greenwich Council or Thames Water were actually planning to properly warn anyone – the notice is buried in Transport for London’s website.

The closure also coincides with Charlton’s home match against Walsall – you can see the level of planning and consideration that went into this one, can’t you? Further closures and diversions are expected into September. With central Greenwich being turned into a car park by gas works, as well as ongoing and badly-planned works on the local rail routes, it’s been a bloody awful summer for getting around this area.

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  1. In fairness the 380 is diverted away from Charlton Church lane on match days and from bitter experience only a fool would try to drive up or down it at anytime of the day because of parked cars. The problem here seems to be yet again a lack of communication, especially as the works at the top seem nowhere near finished. But my heart really goes out to the 10’s of people attending the football

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