Is this the worst job in Greenwich?

It’s good to see Greenwich’s position as a tourist destination enabling south-east London’s young people to get interesting and fulfilling employment opportunities, isn’t it? Oh….


  1. My libertarian tendencies do veer towards less red-tape and bureaucracy, but even I have to wonder if it is time that these “golf sale” type of adverts should be banned.

    They are blatantly exploiting a loophole to advertise their businesses in a manner that is not available (due to cost) to the smaller establishments, and bypassing standard planning controls on advertising hoardings designed to preserve the appearance of an area.

  2. I would rather have this then a giant MacDonuts sign over Greenwich station. Then again, I always find these people to be in the way when I try to rush into Waterstones to get my latest fix of toddler books.

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