Deptford’s best kept secret

Nice weekend? For the first time in a long while I managed to miss London Open House, thanks to a combination of laziness and Other Things Happening, although I did go to a great wedding reception in an LOH venue, Greenwich Yacht Club, which is a terrific little place – great views up and down the river – and comes highly recommended.

I also found myself playing pétanque in Deptford. No, seriously. The court, in Charlotte Turner Gardens, off Caravel Mews and Macmillan Street, only opened a couple of months ago, and I ambled along for a little Greenwich and Lewisham Green parties get-together. I hadn’t played since I was a child, but found myself enjoying it much more than I expected, although I wouldn’t exactly call myself world-class…

Anyhow, while we were playing, a chap ambled up to us and said it was the first time he’d seen anyone use the court – which is a shame, because it’s a fun game and quite easy to pick up. Boules can be hired from the Dog and Bell pub in nearby Prince Street, which also has loads of great real ales and a damn good Sunday night pub quiz. So, if you’re at a loose end and fancy stooping around like an old Frenchman while the weather’s still warm enough – you know where to go.